How ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Failed Poussey

The anticipated hours of lesbian sex, prison violence and girl drama returning to my inch screen for a fourth season was almost too much to handle. And for those who may not have watched the season yet, stop reading now to avoid any spoilers. The season opens with two central situations that the audience watches develop throughout the entirety of the 13 episodes, introducing new problems and a new character dynamic. Secondly, the very first episode of the season gives fans the most ridiculous, unbelievable scenario yet: Alex, Lolly and Frieda kill a hit-man in the prison who was hired to murder Alex and pose as a guard. After beating and suffocating him, Frieda uses her expertise to help Alex and Lolly cut up the body and bury it in the fresh soil of the garden. They do this all under the noses of both officers and inmates. Eventually, a new construction plan for the prison requires that the garden be uprooted, and surprise, surprise the body is discovered. A serious investigation ensues, conducted by the new captain, Piscatella, complete with hard interrogations.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Recap: Is Anyone Trustworthy Around Here?

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Any Orange is the New Black fan will tell you that Officer Bennett’s disappearance – nay, abandonment – at the end of season 3 is up there as one of the show’s cruellest and most unexpected.

Order Reprint of this Story June 11, Bennett, who grew up in Miami Shores and graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High, was last seen leaving her home in the block of Northeast th Terrace at 5 p. Thursday to visit a friend. Her purse, cellphone and keys were in the car, which did not start when police attempted to start it because the battery was dead. Three windows of the gray Hyundai Sonata were open when the car was checked by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper at Friday near Northwest 12th Avenue, in front of a Mercedes-Benz dealership.

When asked about the possibility that someone pulled over to offer aid while Bennett was standing by her disabled car and picked her up, Roque said that could be one scenario. Never miss a local story. Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. She is an outgoing, funny, honest and very generous person always willing to help others.

Her last communication was a text she sent at 8: She is the daughter of the late Miami-Dade police officer Lawrence Bennett, who died in She had moved back home last year from her job with a Knoxville, Tennessee, law firm to take care of her ailing mother, Susan, who died in from breast cancer.

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Yael Stone, who plays Lorna on the show, is Australian. How does she pull off that accent!? This was a real scar actress Natasha Lyonne sustained following open heart surgery in after her own years of drug and alcohol abuse.

She begins a hidden romance with corrections officer Bennett that results in her pregnancy. The two try to figure out ways to make their relationship work. When Poussey rushes to Suzanne’s aid.

Edit Alex Vause is snarky, manipulative and street smart. While she does associate with other inmates, she keeps to herself emotionally, although she isn’t afraid to fight back if provoked. Alex is often seen with a book in hand as she loves reading. Alex is good at reading people and is perceptive. Both Alex and Piper betray each other for personal gain, despite their feelings for each other.

Alex relies on Piper just as much as Piper relies on her, but she uses her hard demeanor to hide it all, only showing weakness on rare occasion to close friends such as Nicky. Alex has good survival skills, is very smart and calm and usually has good sense of humor when facing problems. Physical Appearance Edit Alex Vause is a tall 5’10” , athletically built woman.

In ” Thirsty Bird ” Piper, incorrectly, states that Alex is 5’9″. She is a fan of tattoos and displays quite a few proudly. She has a salt shaker tattoo in the back of her left shoulder, big red rose tattoos on her right shoulder, a tattoo on her right wrist, small tattoos on her left arm, a large tattoo on her right thigh and a small shooting star tattoo on the right-side of her waistline.

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When is Orange is the New Black Season 5 released? Orange is the New Black Season 5 arrives on June 9 Have we seen an Orange is the New Black Season 5 trailer?

Sep 14,  · Orange Is The New Black Samira Wiley Lauren Morelli Orange Is The New Black Writer Dating Poussey Samira Wiley Oitnb Writer Orange Is The .

I was like, pansexual in high school, so I basically fixated on everybody and hated everybody. Instead, he gives all of them shots and throws Maritza in SHU for super valid reasons. Just kidding, he throws her in SHU for literally no reason at all. Then he yells at everybody and it is mildly terrifying. What is with your character and the creepy plant tending, is that supposed to symbolize something? Just kidding, nobody cares about Larry. I forgot that he was even on this show.

Polly shows up and slaps him and then fucks him, but not in a fun way. Vee is still collecting her stamps for her stamp collection ciga-tampon empire. Autostraddle Saturday Morning Cartoons Soooo many letters to write once I retire on the funds from my ciga-tampon empire Flashback number three!

Who Will Mike Birbiglia Play in ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 3?

Luschek agrees as long as Healy owes him a favor. Luschek fills out the paperwork that will spare Suzanne from being sent to max, giddy at the thought of Healy owing him one. Vee reeks of desperation when she seeks out Taystee in her bunk. She zigs and zags, offering Taystee a place back in her heart, then accusing her of stealing the heroin. Poussey, Watson and Cindy all gather around their girl Taystee as she finally stands up to Vee.

Correctional Officer John Bennett had always been set up as “one of the good guys” on Orange is the New fell in love with Dayanara “Daya” Diaz, and the series seemed to set up a Romeo & Juliet-esque storyline between an officer and an take things even further, Daya got pregnant.

The real concern is Lolly, who is looking for wax paper for her DIY time machine in the prison laundry room Crazy Eyes told her she was using too much tin foil. When Coates questions Piscatella, he is sent out to the garden to guard the creepy crime scene. In other grudging work assignments, Luschek is sent to guard Judy King. Tensions run high as the inmates called in for questioning wait to be interrogated by Piscatella.

Crazy Eyes, cautioned by Taystee to give Kakudio some space after her broom closet stunt, refuses to talk to her. Red plays dumb when Piscatella calls her in. Nicky is unable to get drugs. Humphrey orders Kasey to fight Crazy Eyes but she declines.

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Orange is the New Black: Season 4 Spoiler Discussion Share. This is for those who’ve watched all 13 episodes of the fourth season and want to read my thoughts about plot specifics or comment down below about the finale or any other spoiler-ific aspect of the show. For my overall, non-spoilery thoughts, click here to read the Orange is the New Black: I feel like I should have seen tragedy coming Poussey’s way since her love story with Soso this season seemed to spell out doom.

It’s just the way TV works.

Officer Bennett And Poussey Hookup In Real Life At a meeting in Frieda’s cell block, Leanne informs the group that they need to find a way to make themselves official. Jeanie suggests swastika tattoos, but Leanne thinks they need something else.

See, you come in late, just before Vause. We’d been suspecting it for a few days, and even if that wasn’t enough, I knew the signs. And playing with her titties. Alex and I are very old friends. We have an affectionate relationship. It’s about comfort, right? You were very comfortable. I had been picked to be apart of this tour group or something for a bunch of delinquent kids.

We were supposed to scare them straight to make them ‘re-think their actions or change their ways.

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By Melissa Maerz, EW. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Allow us to remind you who’s who. Hide Caption 1 of 16 Photos: Hide Caption 2 of 16 Photos: The pair meet again in prison.

Through two seasons of Orange is the New Black, Samira Wiley — who has been elevated to a series regular for season three — has become the biggest fan favorite of the series. In fact, it’s our affection for Samira’s character Poussey that drives much of the tension this year. Her and Taystee.

Is Anyone Trustworthy Around Here? By Kate Zernike July 7, 7: Red asked where she got it; Nicky told her it was from Taystee, and that it came from Vee. Red, who was looking a little blue when Nicky walked in on her, brightened at this news. Relationships seem increasingly transactional, and alliances so easy, and cheap. That Red would even consider becoming friends with Vee again suggests a kind of fog of prison when it comes to knowing who your real friends are.

14 Questions You Might Have as You Start Bingeing ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 3

Loosely based on the memoirs of Piper Kerman , the series follows her incarceration in a female prison. Starting as a something yuppie, Piper Chapman Taylor Schilling has it all: But it all collapses when Alex Vause Laura Prepon , a member of an international drug ring, is brought to trial.

When the actors who play Poussey Washington and Officer Bennett on Netflix’s insanely marathon-able Orange Is the New Black visited the BuzzFeed offices, we simply had to ask them to call out.

Piper Chapman Taylor Schilling: Prison hardened Piper in season two, evident by the way she treated new inmate Brook Soso, who may have been a bigger fish-out-of-water in Litchfield than Piper first was. Alex Vause Laura Prepon: She even decided to flea town at one point, but Piper via Polly rats her out to her probation officer and gets Alex sent back to prison.

That put a serious strain on their friendship, which Vee manipulated to her advantage. Dayanara Diaz Dascha Polanco: Bennett eventually spilled the beans to fellow prison employee Caputo, who pretty much shrugged off the confession and told Bennett to stay quite about the relationship. She even convinced Suzanne to take the fall for assaulting Red, but after Red broke her silence and named Vee, Officer Healy stepped in and produced a work order saying Suzanne was working electrical during that time.

Nicky Nichols Natasha Lyonne: For all the good it brought to Litchfield, that theft may not be so good for Nicky, a recovering heroin addict who could be tempted by her spoils in season three.


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