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Sarah Ludwig left the library, became a tech coordinator, and forged a path to the future. With more human resources, we could reach more students and teachers not just in the physical and virtual learning spaces, but more importantly, to have the time to cultivate relationships and trust with our teachers, the true cornerstones of building communities for learning and partnerships for learning. There is no doubt the current model of school librarianship is way past broken —this is not a big secret. And while I appreciate conversations about our future and how we shape that as school librarians, I respectfully disagree with Linda Braun that the future of school librarianship is to walk away from our title and to try and do the same or similar work under a different title. Yes, the term librarian is ridiculously laden with an array of complex political, cultural, and historical dialogic voices. But I think when we look at the short and long-term future of school librarianship, a conversation about elevating our role as instructional leaders and learning mentors would be a more thoughtful conversation.

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Email Images The humidity outside of the sprawling cavern is oppressive, but in the murky depths of Tam Pa Ling it is cool, almost cold. We sit in a 5 meter deep pit under flickering generator-powered lights, squeezing the clay soil through our fingers, looking for the remains of our ancestors. The precision of my traditional archaeology training is thrown out the window as the team scrabbles at the muddy soil with hands and trowels, feeling more than seeing anything contained within the clay.

Tam Pa Ling, or the Cave of the Monkeys, is located in northern Laos and since its discovery in has been a site of emerging human fossils that continue to push the date of human occupation in Southeast Asia back. Since , I have travelled to Laos each December with Dr.

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To be informed when someone replies to your comment. I was very wild when I was younger and figured it would put me in my place. I was so wrong. For starters, PCC was fairly easy to get into. I had been on campus for maybe 2 days and realized I might have made a mistake. First of all, I’m mixed, and kind of dark skinned and was treated horribly. I was not allowed to talk to a male friend of mine on the phone, my visits to my family were restricted, and any “non christian” music was forcefully removed from my ipod.

If I was caught listening to said “non christian” music on the radio, I recieved demerits. My computer was constantly checked and I had to give my passwords for multiple sites.

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You may discuss any of these with your major professor or with Dr. Hoffman if you have not yet chosen a major professor. We strongly encourage students to seek outside funding for research, as it benefits the department and adds to a student’s CV. AAUW has a long and distinguished history of advancing educational and professional opportunities for women in the United States and around the globe.

One of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women, AAUW provides large numbers of fellowships and grants to outstanding women each year.

The foundation’s analysis of U.S. Department of Education data shows that debt for students who earned a range of master’s and professional degrees has increased rapidly in recent years.

Friends and family recited the seven blessings. We drank the wine. The rabbi pronounced us married. I stomped on the glass with great vigor. The intense pressure I felt to date and marry within the tribe damaged my perception of Jewish women and my ability to be myself around them. But as I fell in love with her, she fell in love with me—and with my Judaism as well. This information was pounded in from all directions, from rabbis, from my parents, my grandparents, Hebrew High School, Camp Ramah.

I felt the pressure: The future of my people was at stake! I resolved that I would only go out with Jewish girls.

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Disabilities disabilities students with disabilities are encouraged to inform their faculty advisor and instructor of their need for disability-related accommodations in a timely manner. Dissertator Status dissertator status dissertator is a unique fee status for students who have completed all requirements for a doctoral degree except for the dissertation. Division division for purposes of research and academic responsibilities, all departments and programs offering graduate degrees are grouped into four academic divisions:

Columbia Law School (often referred to as Columbia Law or CLS) is a professional graduate school of Columbia University, a member of the Ivy has always been ranked in the top five law schools in the United States by U.S. News and World Report. Columbia is especially well known for its strength in corporate law and its placement power in the nation’s elite law firms.

Posted on January 24, by Scott Alexander I. I briefly snarked about Leslie et al last week, but I should probably snark at it more rigorously and at greater length. The media, science blogosphere, et cetera has taken this result and run with it. A very small sample includes: Chronicle Of Higher Education: And so on in that vein.

Imagine a study with the following methodology. Then you correlate those numbers with who gets lung cancer. Your statistics program lights up like a Christmas tree with a bunch of super-strong correlations. This is the basic principle behind Leslie et al You would expect to find that perceived smoking correlates with lung cancer less than actual smoking, because the perceived smoking correlation is just the actual smoking correlation plus some noise resulting from misperceptions.

So I expected the paper to investigate whether or not perceived required ability correlated more, the same as, or less than actual required ability. Instead, they simply write: Are women and African-Americans less likely to have the natural brilliance that some fields believe is required for top-level success?

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As a potential Life Science LS student, there are thousands of universities who offer your course. While the decision might seem daunting, you may not have even considered studying abroad. It is a roof organisation of 18 different LS PhD programmes with research groups at both universities in Zurich: Both universities maintain high international rankings , also refining several Nobel Prize laureates, including Albert Einstein , Alfred Werner and Paul Karrer.

The grad students are underestimated by many of the Faculty. And in many aspects your success (in terms of grades) will be based on knowing the system more than in knowing physics. If you want a good place to share and grow with your fellow physicists, this is not the place for you.

Its focus is on the humanities and social sciences. The full list of reasons will be posted in time. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Monday, March 21, You are surrounded by undergraduates. Most everyone who works in education experiences the strange phenomenon of growing older while students stay the same age. Graduate students experience an even stranger phenomenon. While still students themselves, they age in the presence of fellow students who remain years old, year after year after year.

As a graduate student, you encounter undergraduates every day on campus. It is more than likely that you have to work with them.

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Reply Carl on August 20, 6: I offer what I hope is a welcome diversion, one of the best TV commercials ever: Reply Mike Murphy on August 21, Getting ready for my first eclipse. Ched and Tom it appears that you guys may have the best location?

Student has successfully met all other degree and administrative requirements, within the published deadlines for the current term, except Final Submission and/or Final Clearance with the Graduate School .

Curious as to what I was in for, and wanting some solid guidance, I went looking for advice on how to be a good Army girlfriend. Not sure how wise that was. What follows is some humble advice on how to cope with being the significant other of soldier. Dating a soldier is a commitment, and not one to be taken lightly.

Read those web pages and top ten lists. Then do some soul-searching. As soon as my guy used the g-word, I hit the keyboard and called my sister-in-law retired Army wife extraordinaire. Both gave me a wealth of knowledge I otherwise would not have had.

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This is a recurring PGP series. Catch up with all installments of A Dude’s Breakdown of the Bachelor by visiting the archive. Pool Party After seeing Corinne mount Nick like Seabiscuit in the bouncy castle during their pre-Rose Ceremony pool party, all of the girls lose their collective minds, which seems to be an ongoing theme throughout this episode. They have an on camera group therapy session where they all hold hands and talk about how much they hate Corinne.

I think what these women really hate is that Nick pays more attention to Corinne than most of them; however, that realization never quite made it on camera. Also, can we take a moment and acknowledge that a group of grown-ass women just had an actual conversation about events occurring in a bouncy castle?

Author/Illustrator, Grace Lin, Connects with Chapin Students. Chapin Street 2nd and 3rd grade students excitedly gathered in the school cafeteria to Skype with New York Times bestselling author and illustrator, Grace ’s book, “The Year of the Dog”, was the school’s One Book, One School selection, this year.

You can read about the price of becoming a doctor here. But did you know that women pay a higher price than men to become a medical doctor. Most women do not even realize the full extent of what they are giving up to achieve their dream. This sacrifice goes beyond money and time. A female doctor is less likely to marry than the average female. Hypergamy in Action Women would prefer to marry a guy that is more successful, makes more money, has a higher status, is taller, and is better educated.

As a doctor, few people will earn more.


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